21 Mar

The Classic Flat-Track Barn Doors: Finding the Right Hardware

The Barn Door has become a very popular home feature in the last few years, but its popularity does not mean that all hardware is made equal.

Barn door hardware is a type of movement hardware for your doors that allows the door to slide back and forth instead of swing out and back like hinges. Barn door hardware is an excellent way to add a rustic feel to any room. With the right materials, features and when ordered from the right manufacturer, you’ll have a barn door that is functional, stylish AND long-lasting.

Before you begin your next project, make sure to find out more about the hardware you will need. The good news is that there are several types to choose from, which will all depend on the size and style of your barn door. More on this topic can be found at our reference page The #1 Choice for Traditional Barn Door Hardware - Foto-Holy – however, we recommend reading this guide first for context.

Classic Barn Door Hardware

The most common type of hardware is a track. This consists of a metal rail that is mounted to the wall, out of sight. A hinged bracket is attached to the bottom of your door, and the top is attached to the rail. 

Bypass hardware can be used in several different configurations for 2, 3 or 4 doors when you either need to cover a wide doorway, or the adjacent wall is too narrow for a single, full-sized door.

Bar pulls are a great choice for any home and can give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

You can also order highly secure locks for your doors. These help you with privacy, and to keep unwanted intruders out. All you need to do is be sure about the type of lock suited for your door.

You will know your sliding barn door DIY installation has been done correctly if the door slides smoothly. More on smooth-operating hardware can be found at The #1 Choice for Traditional Barn Door Hardware

The Light Duty Bypass Barn Door Hardware is a simple design that complements your bypass barn doors.

You know your barn door installation was a success when your door smoothly glides along its tracks. You’ll know it’s high quality when the operation is not only smooth, but extremely quiet, and safety features keep the door on its track at all times.

Sliding barn door hardware is a good fit for homes because of its nature to maximize space.

Pocket doors are the perfect choice for areas with limited space such as bathrooms & closets.

The easiest way to install a barn door is to select a complete sliding door kit (view Classic Barn Door Hardware) that comes with all the necessary pieces. You’ll be able to buy complete barn door kits, which include everything you will need to mount a door up to a specified width and weight.

Barn door closing systems can be installed in slabs for areas that require security and privacy.

Is your area due for an upgrade? Doors come in many styles and types, from old-fashioned, to clean and elegant, as well as industrial and luxurious.


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